Waahalkada restaurant is the quality and standard of the food. Waahalkada restaurant pursues to provide quality foods according to the customer's choices. As such, we are constantly driven by the need to find the proper most way prepare and serve food.


A superior place to relax with nature all around you; our hotel provides its guests a value beyond comparison with friendly staff, clean luxury rooms and any type of cuisine along with a moment to enjoy with what the Hill Capital, Kandy offers you.

Story Behind

Both economically and politically, the Kingdom of Kandy began to decline after Rajasinha II. With the death of his grandson, Sri Vira Parakrama Narendrasinha (1707-1739), the Sinhala dynasty ended.

Welcome to waahalkada restaurant (pvt) ltd.

විදේශිකයන් මෙරට පාලනය කල සමයෙහි අගනුවර සිට උඩරටටත් රජරටටත් වෙළදාමෙහි ගිය ගැල්කරුවන් පරීක්ෂාවට ලක්කෙරුනේ මෙම ප්‍රදේශයේ පිහිටුවාතිබූ මුර කපොල්ලෙනි. ගැල් කරුවන් විඩා නිවාගත්තෙත් මුර කපොල්ල පිහිටි පුදේශයේමයි. කල් යාමේදී මේ මුර කපොල්ල චර කපොල්ල ලෙසත් පසුව එය වරකපොල ලෙසත් ජනවහරට එකතු වුනා. අදත් ඒ වරකපොල ඔබේ ගිමන් සංසිඳුවනවා.

Waahalkada restaurant is a highway family restaurant focused on delighting every guest with genuine Sri Lankan and western dining experiences. This is situated on the Colombo – Kandy road, in the proximity of the Ambepusse junction. We are proud to serve fresh, simple, delicious food served in a comfortable, home-like Sri Lankan setting where everyone is welcomed as family and friends. Waahalkada menu features a variety of authentic Sri Lankan specialties.

Our Values

"Everybody visiting Waahalkada looks forward to a short rest after travelling far. Waahalkada has the facilities for anyone to be refreshed before resuming their journey. The well cleaned environment, hygienic wash rooms and high quality food, certainly offers the rest people look for, midway of a long tour."

Waahalkada Food Varieties

Chinese Corner, Spicy Corner, Soup, Salad Corner, Pasta Corner, From the Farmer foods, From the sea, From the Butcher, From the Sweet corner, Beverage. All items on the menu are available for take-away. Special Arrangements, There is a open area with fresh air and which arranged as an open prison yard. So that you can get new experiance for your life. Due to that Waahalkada rest willing to give this open prison yard for, Arrange party, Drinking seasons, Official discussions.