Waahalkada Restaurant, situated at the doorway (waahalkada) to the Sri Lankan hritage, in Warakapola, on the Kandy- Colombo road, invites you to refresh yourself en route to either Kandy or Colombo.

The food prepared and served under strict hygienic conditions, befits the multicultural diner. In addition to the breakfast and lunch buffets that include authentic Sri Lankan cuisine made according to ancient recipes handed down through the generations, there is also the a la carte choice.

You could pick your preference from the main dining restaurant, the terrace overlooking the streamlet that flows by and the open air restaurant on the bank of the streamlet to enjoy a relaxing meal.

Murals, pictures and artifacts relating to the invasion of Ceylon by Europeans and subsequent effects, would certainly interest you and are of high educational value for the youger visitor.

Extramely clean conveniences are available for you to revive yourself after a long road travel.

Visit Waahalkada Reastaurant once and you will continue your journey feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and content, wanting to come again.

Waahalkada has earned the recommendation of Trip Advisor the world’s largest travel site, and we at Waahalkada look forward to pamper you with our best services.


Sri Lankan Traditional Food

As the most important part of the restaurant is the quality and standard of the food. Waahalkada restaurant pursues to provide quality foods according to the customer's choices. As such, we are constantly driven by the need to find the proper most way prepare and serve food. Our professional chefs are capable in making whichever the food required by our diners. While serving breakfast and lunch buffets, the diners requests for special food preparations will be accommodated.
The following stations serve the relevant foods.
  • Chinese Corner
  • Spicy Corner
  • Soup
  • Salad Corner
  • Pasta Corner
  • From the Farmer foods
  • From the sea
  • From the Butcher
  • From the Sweet corner
  • Beverage

All items on the menu are available for take-away.

Special Arrangements, There is a open area with fresh air and which arranged as an open prison yard. So that you can get new experiance for your life. Due to that Waahalkada rest willing to give this open prison yard for,

  • Arrange party
  • Drinking seasons
  • Official discussions

Our Values

  Eco – friendly environment
We thrive to re-cycle our waste as much as possible thereby not polluting the environment. Everybody visiting Waahalkada looks forward to a short rest after travelling far. Waahalkada has the facilities for anyone to be refreshed before resuming their journey. The well cleaned environment, hygienic wash rooms and high quality food, certainly offers the rest people look for, midway of a long tour.
  Well cleaned Environment
Everybody come to this Waahalkada to get a short rest within their long journey. So that they want fresh air to remove their tired. Waahalkada rest is a number one place to get a rest near to Ambepussa junction. Because there is a well cleaned environment, well cleaned washrooms and fresh foods to get a good rest for everyone.
  Opportunity to learn Our History
Waahalkada is not only a restaurant but also a museum which represents the British revival to Sri lanka and how our culture changed under the British rules. There are so many descriptions and artifacts on the walls. Each arrangement says something about our heritage. For those interested in history and our culture this is the place for you "Waahalkada, talks about our heritage.
  Well cleaned Kitchen
One of the most important duties of the kitchen is not only to wash and clean the whole kitchen but to also maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the place. This is, after all, the place where food is prepared, cooked, and prepped to be served to the diners. Waahalkada maintain very clean kitchen within whole restaurant. Because of they believe that, professionalism starts at the back of the restaurant, the kitchen, so keep the area clean and it will be translated to the front of the restaurant, the dining area, as well as very clean and very organized kitchen provides a good flow. Chefs would know where a certain kitchen item is, saving them a lot of time than running around looking for the item.

Our Facilities

Delicious Foods Served in a Comfortable, Home-like Sri Lankan Settings.
Are you planing to come and enjoy the cool climate??So come can get your lodging at Charisma Restaurant. All rooms have attached bath with hot and cold water along with all modern amenities. All rooms have queen size beds. The rooms are very spacious, furnished in plain traditional style, some have their large windows facing.
Waahalkada is not only a provider of meals, but also a turning point of your tour. The clean, high quality ambience serves to rest you both physically and mentally. You can avail yourself of our well maintained modern washrooms.
Friendly Customer Service.
The staff of Waahalkada is well trained to render excellent service to their customers and you will certainly made to feel like home.
Parking Facilities.
Waahalkada is located on the Colombo- Kandy road, in the close proximity of the Ambepusse junction, and has spacious parking areas for their customers.
Prisoner’s Open Yard.
Waahakada is built as a representative of our history, so that we can recognize, this is like a museum. In this restaurant there is a ground floor, which is an open area near to the canal. This ground floor built to represent prison in British colonial period; some prisoners were in an open area with chains on their arms and legs, so they could not go far away. There are many concrete benches in Waahalkada open area and there represent open prison yard in colonial period. Waahalkada rest is trying to say something about our history by using every aspect in that. Actually this is the most important place you have to see with your family members, Waahalkada rest willing to give this open prison yard for,
  • Arrange party
  • Drinking seasons
  • Official discussions with delicion barbeques, traditional buffets, with your freedom.